Addiction Free Forever

Hi… Welcome to Giving up Alcohol!

Since you’re here, my guess is that you want to quit drinking… Maybe you just recently suspected that you might have a problem with alcohol or maybe you’ve been drinking for a long time and have come to the realization that this has to end… now!

Whatever your story is, I’ll do my best to help you choose the right way to giving up alcohol.

But first, you should know that you’re not alone with your problem… it’s estimated that somewhere close to 16.7 million people are addicted to alcohol – and that is in the U.S. alone!

That a whole lot of people…

In this post I’ll introduce you to a program made by an ex-alcoholic… this program is called Addiction Free Forever and you can read more about it by clicking here!

I’ve known a lot of people addicted to alcohol trough my (short) life and I’ve seen what alcohol can do to people… How it can tear the strongest men apart and destroy beautiful women…

I cannot count how many times I’ve tried to help people very close to me, take the right decision and do what’s necessary to get out of their abuse… Unfortunately, I never had the right tools to help them… or the knowledge.

You see, I’ve never been in the viscous circle that you are in, myself. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen firsthand how quickly it can go downhill… I don’t know?

What I do know, however, is that I’ll do whatever I can to help people, like you, get out of their abuse and on with their lives… I’ve also learned that an addiction needs to stopped from the inside first – the psychological part is often where most people fail.

In a moment, I’ll introduce you to a book I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot of books on alcohol), which I believe can help you get sober – I’m talking about Addiction Free Forever!

But, before I tell you what that’s all about, I think you should know that the best theraphy and probably the best way to quit drinking is to use AA or something like it… Here you’ll get the all the support and tolls you need… But… I also understand that you might not want to go to AA meetings and I can relate if you want to deal with your inner demons yourself.

If that’s the way it is, then I urge you to read on…

What’s Addiction Free Forever all about?

(click here to see the official addiction free forever website)

Addiction Free Forever is written by Dennis Marcellino (a former alcoholic and drug user) and is a comprehensive guide on how to find the root of your problem and deal with it – then the book helps you get rid of your physical addiction.

The book is an ebook, which is basically a downloadable book (this means that you can get started by reading the book in just a few minutes from now…) that you either print out yourself or read on your computer, kindle or ipad.

The main book is 224 pages and add to that you’ll also get a workbook on 75 pages… that’s a whole lot of reading, so don’t expect to read the whole book in a few hours.

On the other hand, this also shows you that addiction free forever isn’t just a cheesy 20 page ebook compiled of a few articles found on the internet – no – this is the real deal!

So… What to expect?

When you start reading the main ebook, you quickly get a sense that this is some heavy stuff… This isn’t just something you can read from cover to cover and then expect it to have solved all your problems… Yo’ll have to do all the work yourself and to be completely honest here – this isn’t a joyride…

If you read this with the intention of quit drinking, then expect to take a long hard look in the mirror… and be preparing for that you might not like what you see…

Dennis will take your hand and guide you into digging some stuff up that you might have forgotten… He’ll help you find the real reason you drink – so that you can deal with it and become free of your addiction.

The way he does this, is with the workbook. This is 75 pages full of assignments to do…

I haven’t looked at the bonuses he’s offering at his website, so I won’t review them now. But all in all I was very pleased with Dennis’ book. However, I’d have loved it  if he’d offered the ebook as an audiobook also, it’d make it a lot easier to get trough… but who knows, maybe that’ll be his next project?

So, go ahead and take a look at the website to see if it’s anything for you… it’ll probably end up being one of the best thing you have ever done!

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